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- Sept.02.2023 - #mamashelia

"Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” (James 3:27)


James was a "straight shooter!"

Perhaps you've been thinking "what's all this about Revival? - a move of God? Could you possibly think that "things are not the way you like it?"

STOP! Is it that you just need to have another thought? "THINK AGAIN?" I encourage you to read James's words and yield to the urging of Holy Spirit! There is so much more that our "Papa" wants to give you and for you to enjoy!

“Where do you think

all these appalling wars

and quarrels come from?

Do you think they just happen?


“They come about because

you want your own way,

and fight for it

deep inside yourselves.

“You lust for what you

don’t have and you

are willing to kill to get it.

You want what isn’t yours

and will risk violence

to get your hands on it.

“You wouldn’t think of

just asking God for it,

would you?

And why not?

Because you know

you’d be asking for what

you have no right to.

You’re spoiled children,

each wanting your own way.

“You’re cheating on God.

If all you want is

your own way,

flirting with the world

at every chance you get,

you end up enemies of God

and His way.

“And do you suppose

God doesn’t care?

The proverb has it that

‘He’s a fiercely jealous lover!’

And what He gives in love

is far better

than anything else you’ll find.

It’s common knowledge

that ‘God goes against

the willful proud;

But God gives grace

to the humble.’

“So let God work His will in you.

Yell a loud ‘NO’!

to the Devil and watch him

make himself scarce.

“Say a quiet ‘YES’ to God

and He’ll be there in no time.

Quit dabbling in sin.

Purify your inner life.

Quit playing the field.

Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out.

The fun and games are over.

Get serious, really serious.

Get down on your knees

before the Master;

it’s the only way

you’ll ever get on your feet.”

(James 4:1-10 msg)


[James, the brother of Jesus, is most likely to have been the author of this New Testament book. In Chapter 1, he wrote:

"If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought."(James1:5-6)

And so TODAY, we are living out our life as a believer in much the same way. When everything is coming against you, you are having the greatest opportunity to be strengthened and grow in

FAITH by the Power of Holy Spirit, Jesus Himself working in us for His Glory❣️

So... Take a deep breathe! Listen for His still small voice within you! (Have another thought!) In other words! Have another thought‼️-- "THINK AGAIN‼️" ~

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