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.. 09.27.23

I could have pulled Joseph out.

Out of that pit.

Out of that prison.

Out of that pain.

But, I would have cheated

nations out of the One

God would use to

deliver them from famine.

I could have pulled David out.

Out of Saul’s spear-throwing presence.

Out of the caves he hid away in.

Out of the pain of rejection.

But, I would have

cheated Israel

out of a God-hearted king.

I could have pulled Esther out.

Out of being snatched

from her only family.

Out of being placed

in a position she never asked for.

Out of the path of a

vicious, power-hungry foe.

But, I would have

cheated an entire nation

out of the woman

God would use

to save their very lives.

I could have taken Jesus off…

Off of the cross.

Off of the road that led

to suffering and pain.

Off of the path

that would mean

nakedness and beatings,

nails and thorns.

But, I would have cheated

the entire world out of the Savior.

Out of salvation.

Out of an eternity

filled with no more suffering

and no more pain.

And, oh friend.

I want to see your life develop,

to pull others - "out!"

I could want to change your path.

I might even want to stop your pain.

But right now I know that

would be wrong.

I would be cheating you

and the world

out of so much good

that I have planned for your life‼️

Because God knows.

He knows the good

this pain will produce.

He knows the beauty

this hardship will grow.

He’s watching over you

and keeping you even

in the midst of this.

He’s promised you

that you can trust Him.

Even when it all feels

like more than you can bear.

So instead of trying to pull you out,

I’m lifting you up.

I’m kneeling before the Father

and once again,

I’m interceding for you

to receive My strength.

I am your Hope.

I’m asking Him to protect you

and to move you

when the time is right.

I'm always helping you

stay prayerful and discerning.

I'm loving you,

and I am your Help

in time of need.

I know your life will be

used in powerful and

beautiful ways.

Ways that will leave

your heart grateful

and humbly thankful

for this path

you’re traveling!


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