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Holy Ghost shockwave

- Pastor Belinda🌹 - Nov. 16, 2023

In the morning prayer meeting Wednesday they had brought Rusty and I forward to stand in proxy for Pastor Tim & Betty. As they group prayed over us for them I saw a vision.

I saw myself reach my arm upward and I shot up a white tube to a heavenly realm. In that realm I reach out and was handed a spear. I went back down the tube and when I hit the earth there in the prayer meeting, I jabbed the spear in the ground. As I jabbed it in the ground it caused an atomic shock wave that went out. As I saw this vision the group was praying. I felt the urge to stretch forth my arm but I didn’t stretch it out. I felt the urge again and I heard God say “ are you going to go up?” At that point I stretched forth my arm in obedience here in the physical realm and it happened just like the vision. I heard myself praying forcefully in another language that sounded similar to Hebrew in the vision which was now actually happening as the shock wave went out from the point of the spear. I felt the atomic shock wave. Afterward in my physical body I felt weak, I felt the presence of God linger on me for more than half the day. As I came out of that interaction with the heavenly realm I felt movement in my back. It felt as though huge fingers had been inserted into my ribs. I had been diagnosed with scoliosis in the past but this felt like God had stuck his fingers in my ribs and had straightened and realigned my whole back. I would like to have an x-ray to see what it looks like now!

I believe things were broken in the spirit realm and it was all God!

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