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The Eagle and the Rabbit

- Pastor Rusty - April 26, 3024

A few years ago, my wife and I were driving north on Highway 65 out of Branson on our way to Springfield. To my surprise a Bald eagle came swooping down onto the shoulder of the road just ahead of me. He scooped up a dead rabbit in its talons and began to slowly get elevated. As it did it drifted over into my lane. I veered left to avoid him, but I still hit him on the right side of my windshield and knocked the dead rabbit from his talons. The rabbit (who was already dead) went sailing over the top of my SUV and landed in the road behind me. I pondered that I had deprived that eagle of food that seemed counter productive of productive of a spiritual assignment for this region, to provide spiritual nourishment for spiritual eagles in this region.🤔 Recently the Lord gave me a download concerning this incident that brought some clarity. Eagles (Accipitridae) are raptors (birds of prey), they are built to hunt and eat fresh meat, they are not built to choose the the path of least resistance and eat dead meat (roadkill) like vultures. For you eagles out there, God is going to change your diet and your palate! You weren’t made to eat roadkill. “Fresh meat!”, says the Lord! Hunt and kill! No more sitting at the table of dead religion and expect to gain nourishment to fly.

“Father, give us fresh bread and fresh meat upon our table. Cause your eagles to function with their divine purpose. To function with keen sight from an aerial view. In Jesus name! Amen!” Pastor Rusty

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