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- Pastor Rusty - Dec. 1, 2023

“So David reigned over all Israel; and he administered justice and righteousness for all his people.” 1 Chron. 18:14

When there is an absence of righteousness and justice in government the nations suffer.

For 24 months we at Glory Barn War Room have appealed to God the father for exposure. Around 8 months ago we were told to appeal for JUSTICE to be added to the equation. It seamed that exposure of corruption in itself was not an end in itself without justice being added to the equation. About three months ago on Friday night prayer I had a vision of a giant angel taking a sword and inserted it into the earth in what looked like the heartland of this nation. The Lord showed me that this was the Sword of Justice being inserted in the earth. When we first began to cry for exposure the Lord cautioned that we could not be directional when appealing for exposure. What was going on in government may have been the original catalyst for an appeal for exposure but we were warned heaven’s exposure would not limit itself to just the political forum but that exposure would hit His house as well. Exposure would also be applied to homes and families, literally “nothing done in secret would be hid!” (Mark 4:22). (This is at the root of all deliverance ministry). It appears the same is true when we appeal for justice. You are not going to be allowed to be directional in its application, but it shall be applied in all directions including His house. The point that the sword of Justice is inserted into the soil of this nation it became an epicenter that sent out sound waves in all directions all at once. Justice will not only hit political forums but it will hit corrupt institutions and organizations. It will hit families and marriages. “May the Lord bring swift justice to lies and foundations built on lies that are in opposition to the Spirit of Truth. Wether they be religious foundations and doctrines of devils. May exposure and justice be applied to every race baiting organization in society. May exposure and justice be applied to every gender identity deception that functions under demonically inspired mindsets throughout culture. May the Sword of Justice be applied to every lying spirit that functions with impunity in the modern Church. Let exposure and justice be applied to to every church leader that kissed the dragon and has aligned themselves with his agenda. I ask all this in Jesus name! AMEN!” Pastor Rusty

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