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Parental Covering

- Jan. 26, 2024 - Pastor Rusty

“Now his sons used to go and hold a feast in the house of each one in turn, and they would send and invite their three sisters to eat and to drink with them. When the days of their feasting were finished, Job would send for them and sanctify them; he would get up early in the morning and offer burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job thought, “Perhaps my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” This was Job’s customary practice.” Job 1:4,5

Being a covering for your children is probably the most important parental mandate that you have as a father or mother. The example of Job is that after their party gatherings which took place at least seven times a year Job would call his children together and sanctify them and then he would offer sacrifice for each of them, covering them in case they had sinned against the LORD. This is built into your spiritual DNA to cover your children in prayer and to sanctify them to the LORD. You can make this a daily practice and intercede bereft your children creating a paternal/maternal covering over your children and cause spiritual darkness to smell the incense of your intercession on their garments. Darkness tends to pursue soft targets. Lions stalking a herd will take the path of least resistance and single out the least guarded. Make the offering of the incense of prayer a daily task. There was a time in past decades when witless persons pretending spiritual high ground would shame parents for praying for their children by calling them the “bless me and mine” crowd. This was an attempt to feign spirituality they didn’t have. These were usually prayerless people that were appalled by their own prayerless existence to shame you from offering intercession on behalf of your own family. How stupid is that🤔. If you don’t, then who will🧐. NO ONE has more emotional investment in the outcome of your children than you do. It is in your DNA to intercede for your children. No pastor or prophet can maintain the necessary level of intercession that your children require. Their emotional catalyst will be short lived at best. You on the other hand, have wealth of reason and resource to carry out this task. No one and I mean no one has more on the line for a prosperous out come for YOUR children than you do. Do not outsource this blessing of covering your children. And don’t let some slick tongue evangelist guilt you from this task. Don’t take prayer counsel from anyone who does not have the smell of incense on their garments. “Father, teach us to pray and create a covering for our family. Give us a father’s heart like Father Abraham. Cause us to be faithful to our paternal/maternal rights. If not me then who, and if not now then when? In the name of Jesus! Amen!” Pastor Rusty.

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30 de jan.

Love this !So true!


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Kay Wiggins
26 de jan.


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