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The Spirit of Offense

- Pastor Rusty - Jan. 23, 2024

“And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Luke 7:23

There is a spirit that functions with impunity in culture that has also plied it’s wares in the household of God as well. Many attribute its activity as debris of fallen nature. But it is a spirit that can be hosted by a believer as well as an unbeliever. It appears to be more “manifest” in the house of God simply because it is foreign to the atmosphere of heaven and foreign to the nature of God. It functions without restraint in society where it is welcomed and nurtured. But in the household of God it becomes exposed and should never be be treated with sympathy. When one is insecure or lacks true identity in God, one is more susceptible to hosting a spirit of offense in their life. Deep rooted inferiority complexes create a landing strip for hosting a spirit of offense. Sometimes these are brought on by abuses or lack of affirmation in one’s formidable years. Failure and rejection becomes strongholds allowing a spirit of offense reside in the wounded spirit. Recognizing these strongholds in one’s life allows exposure to come to this spirits existence. Dealing with past rejections or lack of nurturing in one’s upbringing becomes helpful in destroying the welcome mat that has been rolled out for the spirit of offense. You ask, “How do I deal with abuse and or rejections from my past?” 🤔 Good question. You begin by releasing the offending parties of your past by actively forgiving them by name. These may be relations or childhood acquaintances. Release the captives in your life. Call them out by name and say, “Father, I forgive them from all crimes and offenses against me. I release them from all debts and accounts. The pages of the ledger of debts and accounts payable that were red are now black! I forgive them and let all captives go free! In Jesus name!” This is the place to start, by doing this you are removing dead branches from your life that have become a resting places for crows and other unclean birds access in your life. (The spirit of offense and other unclean foreign entities). “Father I speak freedom from the spirit of offense and other unclean workings that handicap the people of God. I speak the removal of shame and other foreign entities that try to access and disrupt the lives of your people. I speak freedom! I speak SHALOM Over the household of God in the name of Jesus! Amen!” Pastor Rusty

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Kay Wiggins
Kay Wiggins
Jan 24



Jan 23

Man I have experienced that from some very close to me , it’s a power that needs to be dealt with for sure . There is no peace for those who walk in offense….

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