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"What is God calling you into in 2024?”

- Pastor Belinda🌹 - January 1, 2024

First let me say “Happy New Year!” We have a brand new year to walk thru. Have you heard God calling you to a new level? Maybe a new ministry. Or even a deeper walk with more commitment. God has greater things for you than what you have now.

For myself, I have had God completely redirect my ministry. Or maybe I should say that he has fine tuned it. It has taken a complete surrender on my part. A surrender to deliverance ministry. I have dealt with demonized people all our ministry life but I had never surrendered to face to ministry head on. I did it but didn’t own it if you know what I mean. Since having told God I will, my office has almost been nonstop with those needing deliverance. It is beautiful to see God meet them and free them! Such a transformation.

I know God has more for you to do in 2024. He is calling you to step up. Whether it’s ministry or dedication, you can move into all that God has for you!

Let me pray over you. “Father, I ask that you ignite the fire within your children. Show them what you have for them in 2024. Give them guts and faith to be obedient. In Jesus name, amen!”

Let’s ROAR in 2024!

Pastor Belinda🌹

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