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💥Wild faith💥 “Satan, what will you do when I can!” Blog 11

- Pastor Belinda🌷- July 8th, 2024

Isaiah 53:5 But He was wounded for our transgressions,He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace wasupon Him,And by His stripes we are healed - NKJV

This scripture is a key to having 💥Wild faith💥 for your healing! By His stripes we ARE healed! This sentence places the activation of faith in “now happening” stage! We are, not going to be, but are! Grab that! Hold onto it like a bull dog! My dad had been on a job site where he was the painter. He jumped up and grabbed a piece of drywall tape hanging down from a ceiling and when he landed he landed on a 2x4. His ankle snapped. He managed to get himself home. Mom helped him pull his work boot off and there was his bruised swollen ankle. He couldn’t walk on it.

He was preaching a meeting that weekend under a tent outside of Tulsa, Okla. We arrived at the location. We all could see dad was in great pain. As time for the meeting came closer dad said he couldn’t go out there and preach faith to people when he himself couldn’t even walk! BOOM!💥wild faith💥began to stir! I watched him hobble down our bus stairs to the door. He opened the door and jumped out with a lot of pain. We were setting there wondering what on earth was happening! He took a step down this ally near where our bus was parked. He took another step and you could see the pain! Then another, then another! He said “in the name of Jesus!”Then he broke out in a run! As he began to run down the ally he said Satan said “what if you get down there and you can’t make it back!” Dad said to Satan, “what are you gonna do when I make it!!!!” He turned and ran back to our bus! In that pain! In that determination to be healed God healed his ankle instantly! He preached that night with no pain or trouble from his ankle! He never had any more pain or issues from it! 💥wow! 💥Wild faith💥 activated and miracle received! What does it take to get a miracle? It takes faith! Faith that you know your God will meet you when you step out of your comfort zone! Faith that says you will live when the doctors say you will die! 💥Wild faith💥 in action! Hallelujah!

So why do we not see miracles? When is the last time you released your faith and did what man said you could not do? It takes action combined with your faith to see it happen! It doesn’t have to be physical it can be financial. Put God on the spot and watch him move for you!

Let me pray over you. “Father, I lift up those reading this blog. I ask that you cause their faith to be activated! That they release 💥wild faith💥! That we see you stretch out your hand and show us your miracle working power! In Jesus name! Amen!

Let’s release our faith for more!

Pastor Belinda🌷

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