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Prophetic word - Don’t miss out!”

- Pastor Belinda🌹- Oct. 5, 2023

This a prophetic word the Lord gave me that fits right with what we are experiencing. God is taking away our fig leaves. We need to be ready in all things.

“Some ministries have been judgmental toward my feeding grounds determining in their own minds that if what I do isn’t thru them then they choose to not partake. I say hold back your receiving and you will receive not. My work is a complete work and those that will eat and drink from my hand in the field shall reap abundantly. It is time to open up your fountains and let my water flow in or upon your sealing off you shall have none to pour out. It’s the heart of the matter. The fig leaf you picked to cover your nakedness has withered and crumbled in my wind. I will blow upon my garden and it shall bear fruit. Bring unto me all that are hungry for my store House is full. Bring me those who thirst for my fountains are deep. It’s not a new thing I bring but a fulfilling of my word. A keeping of my promise to my children that in me they will prosper, in me they shall reap if they faint not. Their hands have been full of burdens but I will lift the burdens off yea I will conquer on their behalf all those that stand in their way. The time of the Lord is at hand. Put not your hand to the plow and look away, choose now to under girth my moving. Stand with me and I will cause your crops to be full. No weak thing shall be in my garden. Strong, full, tall, and lush. “

Get ready. God is fixing to pour out his glory and to be able to partake we must be ready. We must be clean before Him. Let me pray over you.

“ Lord make us ready. Make us ready to hold your presence. Pluck out of us what we need to be rid of. Cleanse us, correct us, make us useable clay. Now, use us like never before. Make us airborne! Amen.”

God bless,

Pastor Belinda🌹

“Make us airborne!”

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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2023

Powerful! Praise the Lord

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